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Web Host Tutorial




Web Host Tutorial

Techie people try to make putting up a web site and getting a web host account sound hard and complicated.  It isn't.  This web host tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about getting a web host account including how to tell the good web hosts from the bad.  It's written in plain, everyday English and it's free! 

This web host tutorial consists of several sections.  If you are new to all this, you should probably take them in order.

1.  What is a Web Host?  This section explains what a web host is, the three things you need to have to put a web site on the internet and what you need to know about each.

2.  How to Choose a Good Web Host - this tutorial section tells you how to choose a good host and not get ripped off.

3.  How to Avoid Paying Too Much - this section cuts through all the techie jargon that web hosts bombard you with and and tells you what you really need to order and more importantly, what you don't.   

4.  Web Hosts I Like - since so many people have asked I've put up a section that tells the hosts I like and why I like them.

Why I Created this Site

I put this web host tutorial up because so many of my family and friends asked me questions about what they needed to know and the ones that didn't ask got ripped off (and didn't realize it!) or got stuck with a lousy host.  I wrote this for them and put it up on the net.  I hope you find it helpful too.   :-)

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