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Good Web Hosts:  The Web Hosts I Like

I received a lot of email from people asking me to recommend good web hosts so I decided to put this page up.  Here are the web hosts I like and think are good.  These are good web hosts for everyone - from beginners to experienced webmasters - and they are cheap.  My experience with each host has been excellent. 

1.  Act Now Domains - excellent customer service!  Also, a really good web host.  If there is ever a problem, they fix it immediately.  Their prices are very good ($8.95/month) and they don't charge set up fees.  Plus, you can keep your domain and hosting together.  They have a  search engine submission service called Traffic Blazer which is pretty cool and cheap.  Worth checking out.  

2. iPowerWeb - really great.  This web host has won a lot of awards for their service.  If you need a web site builder they give you one free with your account.  They give you everything you need and more and it's really cheap - only $9.95/month if you pay by the month or $7.95/month if you pay yearly in advance

Both of these good web hosts have an easy to use web site builder if you need one. 


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